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Skin lesion removal employs a variety of techniques, from relatively simple biopsies to more complex surgical 

excisions, to remove lesions that range from benign growths to malignant melanoma.


Dr. Gabey does perform lesion and mole removals in her office. This is concidered a minor surgery. 


Sometimes the purpose of skin lesion

removal is to excise an unsightly mole 

or other cosmetically unattractive skin growth. Other times, physicians will 

remove a skin lesion to make certain it 

is not cancerous, and, if it proves 

cancerous, to prevent its spread to 

other parts of the body.


A variety of techniques are used to 

remove skin lesions. 

The particular technique selected will 

depend on such factors as 

the seriousness of the lesion, its 

location, and the patient's ability to 

tolerate the procedure. Some of the 

simpler techniques, such as a biopsy or cryosurgery, can be 

performed. Cryosurgery can not be done in the office, so it requires OR time at the hospital. 


At your consultation the doctor will tell you which procedure is best for your removal. A minor surgical procedure in the office will usually be scheduled within two weeks of your consultation. 

   ____Lesion Removal

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